France – Cheese, Wine and Fashion

France is known all over the world for its cheese production and consumption, Variety of wines and luxury fashion Brands. 96% of the French people eat cheese regularly as part of their diet. They value its taste, variety and authenticity. 47% of the French people have cheese on a daily basis. There are more than 400 cheese varieties listed in France, which can we classified into 7 major types. Each cheese producing region has its own speciality and expertise. The exact origins of the discovery of Cheese are hard to trace but cheese forms an inseparable part of the French Culture & Cuisine.

The French consume 60 litres of wine per person a year which is more than any other country in the world. France produces more wine than any other country in the world with a third of it being exported. The exports are worth more than 10 Billion Euros every year. France has 10 principal wine producing regions with Bordeaux and Burgundy being the prominent ones. Wines from the north of France are typically made from a single type of Grape- For Example Pinot Noir, but wines from the south are usually a blend- for example Carbernet Sauvignon + Merlot.

Since the sixteenth Century, France has been the centre of high end fashion design clothing, shoes and accessories. Today’s French Fashion is a combination of the graceful designs of the past Royal courts and the current trends. Some of the famous tailor made designers include Chanel, Christian Dior & Loius Vuitton. Denim jeans originated in France in the city of Nimes also deriving its name from the city- De Nimes = De nim meaning ‘of Nimes ‘. Even the two piece swimwear called bikini was invented in France and first sold at a shop in Cannes in 1946.  

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