Grand Place – Travelling back to Medieval Europe

Strolling along the cobbled path on a beautiful summer evening with light live music playing, taking in the sights and sounds, beautiful aroma of fries and waffles and an overall festive atmosphere. The above is a typical description of Grand Place, a beautiful large square in the centre of Brussels. The Grand place includes various guild houses, the town hall and the Kings palace. Today a lot of old guild houses have been converted to shops and restaurants. In 2010, the Grand place was voted as the most beautiful square in Europe and it has been a UNESCO World heritage site since 1998.

The Origins of Grand Place date back to the 10th century, when it was a very small open air market place. Over the years it developed into a thriving central marketplace of Brussels and later into the stunning square it is today. The city hall, The King’s palace and the guild houses were rebuilt after the devastating destruction of Grand place by the French Army in 1695. It was also occupied by the German forces for a brief while during the First World War. The Grand place is part of a large pedestrian zone in central Brussels, which means that the only way to get there is on foot.

Today, Grand Place is the most visited tourist attraction in Brussels. Tourists like to visit Grand place to feel the local life and vibe of Brussels. Whether it is to visit a museum or sit in a roadside café sipping coffee or having a beer, it is certainly an enjoyable experience. Spending some time at Grand place brings you back to medieval Europe, as the architecture in and around Grand place has been maintained as per the original design.  

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