Canals, Boats and more – In the heart of Amsterdam

Canals and transport on these canals is an important and inseparable part of life in Amsterdam. Amsterdam has more than 100 Kilometres of Canals with about 90 islands and around 1500 bridges. Most of the canals were dug during the 17th century which is considered to be the golden age of Netherlands. These canals form concentric rings around each other throughout the city. Around 1550 important monuments can be seen along these canals which makes a boat ride through these canals very interesting and enriching. Some of these canals is also a UNESCO World heritage site today.

There are various boat companies who offer boat rides and cruises along the canals of Amsterdam. These boat rides take you through the history of Amsterdam, with informative commentary in most major languages available on board. There are even luxury boats where one can have a proper dinner with champagne or other beverages. Some couples even decide to get married on a small boat with their close families present. On Kings Day, which is a day of major festivities in Netherlands, There are thousands of boats in the canals of Amsterdam, most of them painted orange, with people wearing orange clothes and having a party on board. Kings day is actually the King’s birthday and a public holiday in the Netherlands.

Beer is the most commonly consumed beverage in the Netherlands. Amstel, Grolsch, Hertog Jan, Bavaria and Brand are some of the famous brands of Dutch beer. However, the brand which we are perhaps most acquainted with is Heineken, which is famous not only in Netherlands, but all over the world. There is also a Heineken brewery in Amsterdam with a small museum to portray the history of the brand. Sipping Heineken on board a boat along the canals of Amsterdam is a preferred way to spend the evening for some tourists visiting the city.

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