London – A soothing Blend of Modern & Ancient

London was initially known as Londinium when it was founded by the Romans approximately two thousand years ago along the River Thames. Over the centuries the city has grown into a vast metropolitan area with a population of around nine Million inhabitants. Today London is considered to be one of the most powerful, desirable, most visited, innovative, investment friendly, tourist friendly and liveable cities in the world.

The diversity of London is such that over three hundred languages are spoken in the city. There is a cereal café in London which serves more than 1000 types of cereals from all over the world. London is the epicentre of art and culture with the city boasting around 170 Museums, various monuments and statues. One such statue displaying two mice eating a piece of cheese is known as the smallest statue in London. The story goes that the statue was built in remembrance of two workmen who were engaged in a fight over a meal, both having thought that the other had eaten the meal. It was later discovered that mice had actually eaten their meal. The Red Double decker bus is the symbol of London, however these busses were not always red. They used to have different colours, each colour signifying that particular route. However in 1907 General omnibus company decided to paint their busses red to stand out from competition and ever since the busses have carried the red colour.

Over the last 2000 years London has witnessed calamities like the great fire of London in 1666 where most of London was destroyed. In 2012, London become only the second city after Athens to host the modern Summer Olympics thrice. In spite of these High’s and Low’s, London remains one of the most desirable cities for every tourist to visit.

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