Heathrow Airport – A Cauldron of Cultures

Heathrow Airport, also known as London Heathrow is one of the busiest Airports in the World in terms of International Passenger traffic. It handled more than 80 Million passengers in 2019. The Heathrow Airport began as a small Airfield in 1929 near the Hamlet of Heathrow, from where it got its name. However a civilian Airport only opened in 1946 and was named London Airport, only to be renamed Heathrow Airport in 1966. Located around 14 miles to the west of Central London, Heathrow airport is connected to the city by the London Underground as well as local busses.  

There are total 6 terminals at Heathrow out of which 4 are passenger terminals, 1 is a cargo terminal and the sixth is reserved for the members of the Royal family and certain celebrities. The Terminal 5 roof is equivalent to 5 football fields put together, while the entire Terminal 5 is larger than Hyde Park itself. Around 80 Airlines operate in and out of Heathrow serving 185 destinations over 84 countries. All the flights are operated over 2 runways. The northern Runway is approximately 2/5th the height of Mt Everest. Nearly 77,000 people work at Heathrow Airport spread over a range of over 400 organisations. The passenger Ambassadors at Heathrow speak 48 languages. Every day over 26,000 cups of tea are served with around 6.4 Million Croissants consumed annually. Five bottles of perfume are sold every minute at Heathrow Airport. 

Taking into consideration its history, sheer Magnitude, diversity and overall buzz, travelling at least once in a lifetime to Heathrow airport is a must. There at various tourist attractions in London, However the true London experience begins when you land at the historic Heathrow Airport.

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