8 Destinations to Consider for Your Next Summer Vacation

The winter blues will be gone soon, summertime is approaching! Just the thought of it is enough to picture the blue seas, beachside fun and sipping on refreshing ice coolers! The afternoons are long and warm and the nights are lively and jubilant. Every day of the summer vacation is a celebration! Head out to discover new places, experience new traditions and taste the new cuisines.

So what are you looking to do this summer vacation? Is it Instagram worthy scenic beauty or enjoy night-life? Admire historic architecture or immerse yourself in folk festivals? What if we say, you could do it all in this summer vacation? Before you sign up for any of the summer vacation packages, here’s our list of the best places to visit this summer.

1. Portugal

The land of famous explorer Vasco Da Gama. A country known for its football, music, art, beaches, nightlife – Portugal tourism offers you all. Undoubtedly, it tops our list of the best places to visit this summer. Also, Portugal happens to be one of the most affordable international destinations. Lisbon, the capital city harbors thousands of tourists offering them the best nightlife at Bairro Alto & Cais do Sodré.

Portugal is an absolute paradise for beach lovers! Visit Algarve, popularly known as the city of beaches for some of the best beaches in the world. Furthermore, a must-include place to visit in summer is the Carcavelos beach.

That’s not all of Portugal’s tourism. Tourists enjoy the port wine tasting on the banks of the Douro River and riding the world-famous no 28 Tram!

Best time to visit: May to June

Pro Tip: Fado – the traditional folk music of Portugal is a summer special treat not to be missed! Do check if your Portugal tourism package mentions any activities around it.

2. Spain

Summer in Spain is a rollercoaster the country is filled with festivities all around. Popular Spain tourist attractions are San Fermin’s bullfight, Flamenco dance festival, wine tastings, La Tomatina, scuba diving at the Canary Islands… and many more!

For the hidden bibliophile in you, visit a unique awe-inspiring book fair organized every June in Retiro park, Madrid. It’s one of the Spain tourist attractions you wouldn’t want to miss.

And if that’s not enough, just head over to Barcelona! There are sparkling beaches, music and nightlife, and bonfire camps for your leisure. The jazz evenings on the rooftop of Gaudi’s La Pedra are surely some of the best places to visit this summer. Furthermore, mid-May is the time for the most popular Spain tourist attractions – The Spanish Formula 1 Grand Prix.

Best time to visit: May to October

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to take a sip of the wine of the summers – Tinto De Verano! Also, Spain is one of the most romantic honeymoon destinations.

Find out more about how Spain could be your perfect honeymoon destination !

3. Armenia

Armenia is the perfect getaway this summer for you. Armenia offers the rich mountain tapestry of Mt. Aragats, which is a real delight for the

While traveling, the prime places to visit in Armenia are Jermuk, Dilijan and the world’s longest ropeway in Tsakhkadzor (5,752 mts). Amongst the other places to visit in summers are the last-standing Pagan Temple of Garni and the first Christian Cathedral of Echmiadzin

Best time to visit: Late-May to September

4. Uzbekistan

At the center of Eurasia – Uzbekistan is the land of the famous silk trade, spices, and gold. It could very well be your perfect go-to place to visit in summer. As you explore the country you come across the cities of Khiva, Bukhara, and Samarkand. Architecturally rich they offer glittering minarets, voluptuous domes, madrassas. It’s as if you’ve entered the magical world of Aladdin movies!

The capital city of Uzbekistan – Tashkent is world-renowned to be rich in Islamic literary history. The famous Amir Timur museum, Telyashayath
Mosque where the oldest Extant Quran is kept, is a must-visit!

Best time to visit: April to June.

Pro Tip: The currency-exchange rates works immensely in favor of Indian travelers. You can plan a high value-for-money family summer vacation.

5. Belarus

Summer is the best time to visit Belarus. The Belarusian Maldives- a place where the pits were recently discovered are beautiful white cliffs filled with blue-green water, located in the city of Volkovysk. These are definitely Instagram worthy! Moreover, enjoy the traditional folk holiday- The Kupala Night with the locals in the month of June and July.

Belarus is a paradise for music lovers! “Our Grundwald” festival is where rock, metal comes together along with traditional folklore!

Minsk, the capital city offers you the parks, cafes and architecturally rich libraries. One must definitely visit the Independence Day parade in July, rent a bike and have the local dishes of Draniki, Samogon, Talaka.

Best time to visit: May to September.

Pro Tip: It is mandatory to buy travel insurance before visiting Belarus! Ensure it’s included in your vacation package.

6. Azerbaijan

Away from the hustle-bustle of the city, Azerbaijan is a land of ancient churches, mosques, the untouched nature making it a perfect travel destination this summer!

Baku the capital city, exhibits the Flame tower, Icheri Sheher showcasing the Islamic architecture with lavish European facades. The most beautiful attraction is Baku Boulevard near the Caspian sea viewed from the Martyrs Lane.

When in Azerbaijan one should not possibly missout on the Qubustan – Mud volcanos! The town of Sheki is the oldest caucasian habitat one must definitely visit!

Best time to visit: April to June.

Pro Tip: This country is a paradise for non-vegetarians as you can savor the local dishes of Piti, the national dish- plov, a variety of seafood. Moreover, all meals here would be best enjoyed alongside black tea and a piece of Baklava.

7. Tajikistan

Tajikistan is a place to travel if you are looking for solace, where you can rediscover yourself the old fashion ways. Tajikstan, a land full of mesmerizing landscapes, rich Zoroastrian and Islamic history. A real highlight of summers in Tajikstan is the Tulip Festival! Watch the mountains all covered with the emerald greens on which red, yellow, and pink flowers bloom! This is one of the hidden gems in most summer vacation packages.

A trip to Pamir highway is highly recommended as it is one of the highest roads in the world! Be prepared as this ride gives you a top mountain view feeling as if you were floating in the sky.

Best time to visit: May to September.

Pro Tip: Using prepaid travel cards is the best way to arrange for travel money.

8. Russia

Summer in Russia is long and beautiful and so are the places to visit in Russia. Moscow, the capital thrives in its art galleries, beautiful churches, and the mighty Kremlin square. For opera lovers, there is the Bolshoi Theater. This is the time to see the Orthodox Easter and Moscow Golden Mask festival.

St Petersburg, the former capital of Russia is a city of canals and museums. Summer is the time to visit its famous ‘Stars of the White Nights’ festival. And these are just some of the places to visit in Russia.

Yolki-Palki, a Russian restaurant chain, is a must-visit place for authentic Russian food. Also, don’t miss out on the vinaigrette salads, Russian pancakes, dumplings, and Kavass (a popular local beverage).

Best time to visit: June to August

Pro Tip: Flip-Flops are a complete no-no in the country, no matter which places to visit in Russia you’re at. It’s considered a mark of bad taste by the civilians.

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