7 Reasons Why an Office Trip With Your Team Is a Great Idea

Young professionals of today often have to relocate to a different city for professional reasons. And eventually, they get distanced from the warmth of their families and loved ones. That’s one of the reasons why we start bonding with the people around us in the office. Teammates and colleagues become friends, once we get to know each other.

Today’s corporate world realizes the importance of out-of-office activities. They want to promote a holistic approach to boost employee efficiency and team building. And no does it like activities where the team-mates can bond and connect better, such as traveling together on office trips.

If you are someone who hasn’t considered the idea of a trip with your office-mates, buckle up. Here are our top 7 reasons why traveling with your office mates is a great idea:

1. Cause for a Celebration

Teams within an organization often set milestones throughout the year. It might be onboarding a new client, successfully managing a brand campaign or meeting the annual sales target, etc. A great deal of hard work has been invested to achieve these goals… and when these efforts reap the desired fruits – this calls for a celebration!

And what better way than to go on a trip with office-mates? It’s the perfect opportunity to de-stress together. Imagine having a few days off with your professional team, without the pressure of deadlines. Now you have a chance to talk about matters that are beyond the 9-to-5 life.

2. Unveil a Hidden Fun Side

Did you know Ashish from the dev team is a melodious singer? And Vatsala, the lead designer, knows expert card-tricks? How would you know it… Such skills are of little use inside the office walls and may often get missed, if not for these office trips.

It’s only when you step out of the office, you see a whole new fun side to the same people who sit and work with you every day. You can expect these personalities to be revealed as everything becomes less formal and casual interactions open up. These quirks enhance the entire travel experience and in turn, encourage you to plan and join for more trips with office-mates!

3. Team Building Exercises

Unlike the usual meetings and conferences, an office trip is an informal event. Traveling with your office mates doesn’t limit the places you can visit and the things you can experience together. There’s no forced participation or evaluation at stake here. Therefore, making it a perfect opportunity to have some interactive and fun exercises.

At many locations, such activities are specially organized for corporate trips. If not anything else, groups often enjoy playing a sport or a game together. These are simple ways to reinforce and boost team morale, making such office trips a great idea.

Be it a one-day road trip with workmates to the city’s nearest picnic spot or a 7 day-long trip to the mountains. Once you’ve done it, you’ll find more than one reason to go for such a trip with office-mates again in your life.

4. Opportunity to Take up Initiatives

Can you come up with a unique solution to a problem? Or can vision of what challenges are lying ahead for the team? Can you identify an opportunity that’d become an achievement for you? Finding solutions to all such questions is the true gift of a leader. And organizations love leaders!

Understand that every brilliant idea needs a leader – the one who is in sight of the bigger picture. And the first sign of becoming a brilliant leader is initiative. However, not all leaders handle the board-room meetings.

A trip with office mates could be the perfect opportunity for you to rise up to the occasion. Maybe you know all about the tourist spots of a city; Or an experienced hiker; Or maybe a motorcycle tour enthusiast… If you play on your strengths, the whole team can benefit on a trip. From the route planning bit to arranging the stays on a road trip with workmates – everything matters. Take up the initiative and lay out a plan for them. Let them know which city to visit; or what are places to see; the best activities in the city, etc…

5. Lighter Conversations Through Mutual Experiences

Of course, you’d cherish the warmth of a bonfire while everyone was shivering because of the winters. Or, chilling by the beach in Goa holding your favorite drink. These are moments of joy that get engraved in our memory.

With office mates, on a bad day, it’d not be a bad idea to look back at the good days. And maybe share chuckles discussing it especially during lunch or coffee breaks. Maybe something silly and funny happened during the trip… Such discussions of healthy nostalgia, in turn, help to create a warm working environment. Moments like these remind us why traveling with office mates is sometimes the best thing to do.

6. Maintaining Work-Life Balance

Nobody wants to do a full-time high-stress job daily. It’s not a healthy trait for the human body. Each of us strives to attain that perfect balance between personal and professional life. We look for activities that’ll help us disengage from the mundanities of professional life.

Having office trips is a very good way to break the monotonous life. You take a break from the tension and enjoy the scenery around you. These trips are preceded by a lot of excitement! It’s like an event that employees look forward to.

7. Know Your Workmates Better

Perhaps the most important reason why traveling with office mates should be on your todo list. Teammates spend hours and hours seated beside one another and work relentlessly almost every day. However, for maximum efficiency, it’s crucial that each employee learns to become a team player. They learn and get accustomed to the professional ethics of one another; share ideas and solutions; and develop mutual respect.

Traveling with your office mates allows you to talk about your feelings about work, discuss the challenges that you’re facing, and how you can deal with them. You can speak to your mentor outside professional bonds and connect better.

Looking to Plan Your Office Trip?20

Now that you know why to travel with your office mates, the next step is the when and how to plan the office trip.

Don’t let the work-life routine burden your quest to explore more! If planning the trip gets too tedious for you… How about you off-load all the heavy-lifting to an expert?

Reach out to Mango Holidays and we’ll ensure a fun, hassle-free and comfortable experience for you to travel with your workmates.

Be it a road trip with your workmates or a trip to Bali – we’ll make it happen.

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