5 Travel Movies That’ll Inspire You to Travel More in Life

It’s always inspiring to see someone else travel the world and discover something they’ve been missing on. And it’s no less amazing when you see it in the movies.

The characters that we watch on the big screen may not always look like us. Yet, there may be some points of similarity in our lives. Travel helps them find solace in tough times. It helps them overcome their inhibitions and live and do more. Suchstories are endless and many of them inspire us in our day to day lives to take an extended weekend and travel to unwind.

If you’re looking for movies that’ll inspire you to travel more, look no further. If you ask us “which is the best travel film of all time?”, we’d be spoilt for choice. For now, here are our top 5 picks for travel movies you should watch and be inspired to travel more:

1. Piku – Motion se hi Emotion

Year of Release: 2015
Rotten Tomatoes: 86%

Piku is hands-down the finest depiction of a typical Bengali-household father-daughter relationship. Piku is an ambitious architect trying to maintain a somewhat healthy social life. While Bhaskor Banerji (Piku’s father) is cantankerous and a hypochondriac. He has trouble accepting the minor health complications that come with aging, primarily constipation.

By far one of the best travel films of Bollywood, ‘Piku’ unfolds with Piku (Deepika Padukone), Bhaskor (Amitabh Bacchan), and Rana (Irrfan) starting out from Delhi on a road trip to Kolkata. They’re headed to Bhaskor’s family home – Champa Kunj. Bhaskor believes that the house is the center of his entire life. A home he built brick by brick; a home where Piku enjoyed her childhood; a home that’s named after his beloved mother.

As their road trip to Kolkata progresses, the three characters argue from time to time, expressing their own version of how relationships should be. The dynamics of the parent-child relationship are explored. Finally, as the road trip to Kolkata culminates, the characters find their own versions of relief.

The movie captures two important themes. First, understanding one’s roots and appreciating where we come from. Second, accepting that our parents are aging and the fact that we’ve to become their support system. About understanding and reciprocating their love and sacrifices.

2. Queen

Year of Release: 2013
IMDb: 8.6

This movie circles around the solo journey of Rani (Kangana Ranaut), as she explores parts of Europe. After being dumped one day before her wedding, Rani decides to put all of the sadness behind and sets off on her honeymoon trip to Europe alone. It’s her first trip abroad, and she’s nervous, terrified and alone. This sounds like a scary combination.

However, oblivious to her, Rani’s solo trip is a journey of self-discovery. As she proceeds with her Europe and Amsterdam trip, she emerges to be a completely different person altogether. She grows to be confident, makes new friends from different ethnicities, breaks a million taboos and learns the quality of being self-sufficient. Throughout her trip to Amsterdam and Paris, she discovers a side of herself that he never knew she had.

This travel movie speaks to you and in a way, teases you to go out more and grow more. The movie, and its protagonist Rani subtly asks you, “What are you waiting for?”

Now, it’s your time to break the shackles and breathe in the air of freedom. To book a ticket that takes you somewhere your heart yearns to be. To travel far and wide, not just to explore the world, but your own self.

3. Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Year of Release: 2013
Rotten Tomatoes: 51%

Meet Walter Mitty (Ben Stiller) – Your daily office-going, dull-looking, average guy. He’s someone you can’t comprehend until you get a sneak peek into his creative side. To us, it looks like he’s sitting on a bench waiting for his train. But in his mind, he’s an action hero; running and jumping off rooftops! Although he hates his job, there’s no harness to his power of imagination! And that’s how he connects to most of us.

What makes this a travel movie is the quest of Walter Mitty. Walter is out to find Sean O’Connell (Sean Penn) to retrieve a missing photograph. This quest first takes him on a trip to Iceland, where he jumps from a helicopter into the frigid sea (shark-infested, not to forget). Later, he witnesses an erupting. Having discovered Sean’s whereabouts, he embarks on a trip to the Himalayas in order to find out about the missing negative.

Through the course of this trip to Iceland and Himalayas, he recollects and relives old memories. Memories that remind him that before his current monotonous life, he had for a long time been a lively and adventurous person.

As “Space Oddity” hums in his mind, Walter’s spirit of adventure captivates your emotions. You’d want to travel with a sole purpose – for yourself. Watch as the journey liberates Walter, making him realize that one doesn’t need to be a hero in their dream sequence alone. You’re the hero of your story and your greatest adventure awaits you. In the end, you are left mesmerized with the scenes and in awe of the story of Walter Mitty.

4. Happy Journey

Year of Release: 2014
IMDb: 6.9

A classic Marathi drama-comedy travel movie that connects you to your loved ones – even those who may not be around you anymore. This movie tells a heart-warming story of the brother-sister relationship. Janki (Priya Bapat) and Niranjan (Atul Kulkarni) have not seen a lot of each other growing up. Years later, as fate may have it, they meet again in rather unusual circumstances. Niranjan travels back to his old home and encounters Janki’s spirit. Yes, she passed away years ago.

Janki helps Niranjan overcome the past conflicts he has been dealing with. Slowly, Niranjan comes to terms with the circumstances and is able to move ahead in his life. Janki, having saved her brother and given him a better perspective, disappears for one final time.

This travel film’s emotional journey is a yearning for the generation. We all crave for a support system in the absence of which, we are left with a gaping void. We all are susceptible to sticking to past grief and not letting go. And once we do, life becomes a merrier ride. Similar to our final contender on this list, ‘Happy Journey’ is one of the best travel films that talk about family and love.

5. Darjeeling Limited

Year of Release: 2007
Rotten Tomatoes: 68%

Many see travel as a way to deal with the grief of the past and reconnect with their roots. ‘Darjeeling Limited’ sees brothers Francis, Peter, and Jack, travelling through India on a spiritual journey. They’ve been estranged after their father’s death and mother’s disappearance. And now, they find themselves travelling aboard the titular ‘Darjeeling Limited’ train, trying to set aside their differences and reconcile. Amidst annoyance with each other, their trip of Rajasthan culminates into getting robbed, fighting each other (quite literally), and getting thrown off the train.

And in moments of this collective challenge, they all find solidarity and insight about family and love. Instead of ending their Rajasthan trip, they set out to find their mother and reconcile, once and for all.

Many believe that travelling is a great way to get together with family and friends. This travel movie is the perfect example of how sometimes, you have to let go of the past (and your luggage) if you want to step towards the future.

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In the words of the veteran filmmaker Martin Scorsese – “Cinema is a matter of what’s in the frame and what’s out”. It’s magical how these reel-screen stories evoke emotions in us. How they make us want to travel and explore more, at times to just enjoy and at times, to answer the riddles of life.

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