6 Romantic Destinations to Consider for Your Honeymoon Trip

Now that the wedding processions and functions are over, there’s something up on the cards. Every newlywed couple looks forward to this – The Honeymoon! A trip dedicated solely to romance and love.

If you two are amongst those who want to explore the foreign lands together, then you shouldn’t settle for anything less. For an epic travel experience, you could either choose a special honeymoon tour packages or plan one on our own. if you need help to finalize on a destination, here are our top picks for your Honeymoon trip:.

1. Greece

Ever dreamed about living in the fantasies of a fairy tale? If yes, Greece is your answer! Greece enthralls romance in every bit of its landscape. Be it the rich mythological history, exceptional food or mesmerizing beauty – spending a few nights amid the postcard beauty of Santorini is the dream of every couple! You can relax by the sun-lapped Mediterranean beaches or visit the heritage sites like Acropolis (Athens) and Ancient Delphi.

The island of Mykonos is famous for its cosmopolitan outlook, beautiful Cycladic architecture and a host of shopping, dining and entertainment options. Corfu is a must-include destination for your honeymoon trip. Part of the Ionian Islands in the Adriatic Sea, Corfu is home to some gorgeous waterfalls, historic monasteries, churches and fishing villages.

Best time to visit: If you’re looking for outdoor adventures, May to mid-July would be ideal as the weather is pleasantly warm. However, most of Greece honeymoon packages happen during Autumn.

Pro Tip: Ask your travel agent to include a walking tour to Karavastasi village as a part of your Greece honeymoon packages.

2. Bali

There is no other place like Bali in this world. The Island of the Gods offers great beaches, countless waves for surfing and wonderful natural sites to explore, colorful ceremonies, and gifted artists. Undoubtedly, one of the best honeymoon destinations in the world – Bali is famous for a very high value-for-money-ratio, which will allow you to enjoy and afford the wonder of this island, regardless of your budget.

You’d find the list of Bali sightseeing spots is endless! Right from visiting temples and caves to underwater activities, Bali spoils you for choices! You can ride down the beach during sunset just like you see in movies. Or, stir up your passion on the secluded beaches of Balangan and Suluban, rated to be the most beautiful ones in Bali. Spice up your love expedition with a delicious barbecue and get your thrill on with a snorkeling activity to explore Crystal Bay’s stunning coral reef. Many couples want to make the most of their time in Bali. In such a case, we advise to include sailing on a 64-foot luxury catamaran to the secluded Crystal Bay in your honeymoon tour packages.

Best time to visit: We recommend the months of March and October would be perfect for your Bali sightseeing and honeymoon trip.

3. Spain

Welcome to the place of fairytale romance! Spain has everything you want to include for your honeymoon. Be it world-famous beaches, lush meadows, green valleys, and a foodie paradise, Spain has it all. Below we have listed our recommendations for your Spain tours, which you must visit on your travel with your life partner:

●  Tenerife in the Canary Islands is one of the best honeymoon destinations in Spain. Blessed with year-round sunshine, it also offers a great choice of beach resorts, restaurants, and entertainment.

● Madrid, the capital of Spain, blends big-urban style and energy with a laid-back Mediterranean attitude.

● Toledo welcomes you with the silent whispers of romance in every corner. It’s a walled and fortified location, with a castle on the top and a river at the bottom. It’s a paradise of serenity and solitude.

● The beach resort of Benidorm in Costa Blanca offers the ultimate package of fun-filled honeymoon in Spain! Here you’ll find three magnificent golden-sand beaches, four theme parks and innumerable hotels, bars, restaurants and discos, and nightclubs.

Best time to visit: Since summer is quite hot in Spain, it’d be best to plan all your Spain tours from April to June; or September, and October.


4. Switzerland

Bollywood films have always shown Switzerland to be the dream romantic place in the world. Switzerland has continued to win our hearts for decades with its charm. A perfect location for couples to celebrate the start of a new chapter in their life.

It’d be unfair to not include Switzerland in our list of best honeymoon destinations. From lush green grasslands to snow-capped mountains; from historic museums to epic train journeys… there’s a lot for the two of you to linger around in Switzerland. Below are our recommendations for all activities to experience while on your Switzerland trip:

● Visit Zermatt to witness a breathtaking view of the sunrise with the mountain of Matterhorn in the background.

● Take the train ride to Mt. Jungfrau – the highest mountain peak in Europe. Also, visit the famous Lindt chocolate factory and taste some of the delicious chocolates in the world.

● Experience serenity as you stroll hand-in-hand along Lake Geneva; Or breathe in the fairy-tale aura and vintage feel of Lake Lucerne with your
better half.

● If there are some premium items on your shopping list, nothing’s better than Bahnhofstrasse. Located in Zurich, Bahnhofstrasse is one of the world’s most expensive and exclusive avenues in the world.

With so much beauty around, we hope you too discover romance and love just like Raj and Simran!

Best time to visit: We recommend the months of April-May, and September-October would be ideal for your Switzerland trip.

5. Croatia

For those of you seeking a blend of breathing nature scenery, fascinating historical stories, and rich heritage – We’d recommend a Croatia trip. Take are some places to visit in croatia to make the best of your honeymoon trip in Croatia:

● The city of Dubrovnik is the perfect city to introduce the pleasures of your Croatia trip. Navigate through the Old Town to and find yourself in a labyrinth of alleyways and limestone streets. It’s an opportunity to amble hand-in-hand with your spouse and soak in the sights and sounds of this historic city. Also, you could very well spend an evening clinking wine glasses, as the sun sets along the seacoast of Dubrovnik.

● Hvar Island is Croatia’s crown jewel. It’s dense nature, picture-perfect beaches, the bustling main town, local wines, fresh cuisine, and general luxurious island living make the entire day a honeymoon paradise-seriously surreal.

● For when you’d want a secluded slip, Hvar has little-known paradisiacal beaches you’d never want to leave. These are the Pakleni Islands: 16 in total, all together barely spanning 6 miles, they are perfect to hop from one to the next. The crystal clear seawater and charming city’s landscape will leave you mesmerized.

Best time to visit: Plan your honeymoon trip during May-June and September-October to enjoy the pleasant, warm and sunny weather conditions in Croatia.

Pro Tip : End of June to August is the peak season of Croatia. Expect huge crowds during this time as many come to attend music festivals like Ultra Europe, Sonus Festival, Outlook Festival, etc

6. New Zealand

Explore the most romantic destination on earth for an unforgettable escapade with the New Zealand Honeymoon trip. New Zealand is a place that’s so diverse culturally and environmentally that every day spent here is a discovery in true sense. Your New Zealand trip can be a mix of winding hills and deep lakes, snow-capped mountains, and sunny beaches.

However, we have our favorites that are a must-visit during your New Zealand trip:

● Coromandel Peninsula: the relaxed vibes of the Coromandel Peninsula with its flawless beaches and innate forest makes it a perfect place for couples to hang out and have the most romantic time of their lives. Here they can go hiking at Hahei Beach and a romantic walk to the Cathedral Cove.

● Rotorua: it is the magical land of New Zealand, complete with its mystic forests, transparent streams, geysers, bubbling mud pools, and biking trails. The natural hot springs are amazing for a dip which provides the honeymooners one hell of a time.

● Queenstown: The country’s adventure capital, Queenstown is a city situated in the lap of nature. Surrounded by forests and mountains, and close to Lake Wakatipu, the beautiful town is home to some of the best activities you can come by in New Zealand. Here you can go for river rafting, swimming, canyon swinging, bungee jumping, skydiving, cycling and horse trekking, etc.

Best time to visit: The months of September to November make up Spring in New Zealand and you get a chance to witness the fresh blooming season.

Choose Your Favorite Honeymoon Destination Today

As a new journey unfolds in your life… Wouldn’t you like a magical start to it? Together the two of you could let the cool sea breeze hit your face, or make a snowman. Feel the love, the care, and the warmth of being together with your soulmate on your honeymoon.

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