8 Reasons to Include Traveling into Your Retirement Planning

Remember the day you started working?

Full of excitement and enthusiasm; determined to excel and deliver. Ready to work hard for a better and brighter future. Days turn into months, and months turn into years. And all the while, you are focused on climbing up the ladder of progress.

All this while when the paycheck starts to cash in; you now had to make big life decisions. Decisions that’ll affect the way you live and shape the future of your family. Every decision matters. Right from getting groceries on time to the bigger ones like repaying the loans. You plan to buy your dream home; ride your favorite motorcycle/car; choose schools for the kids; buy life insurance. Between all this, life goes on…

And one fine evening, you realize so many years have passed by in what seems like a flash. It seems that only yesterday did your career begin. And now, the time to retire is near. You’ve always been doing so much for others throughout your life. And now, you know that it’s time to live for yourself. To do everything that brings joy to your soul.

The world is your oyster! It’s time to witness all of its beauty! How about using this phase of life to travel around the world?

If traveling hasn’t been a part of your retirement planning, it’s high time to include it. Opposed to what the naysayers say, post-retirement travel makes for one of the best retirement plans. It enables you to see the world, explore, and experience all the things first-hand that you’ve missed on. To go to places that you’ve been planning to visit for a long time.

And here are our top 8 reasons why you should be traveling to have a happy retirement:

1. Be Free of Office Stress

Remember the deadlines, tedious meetings, monthly targets, and the often monotonous routine? Today, all of these are just a memory! What really matters is that you can enjoy life without stressing about them.

No more worrying about the clients, vendors, or the bosses. Experience this new-found freedom! Breathe in the fresh breeze and exhale your stress. The best days have just begun.

2. Time Is on Your Side

You don’t have to count annual leaves or wait for approval from the manager. The peak season of business is no longer going to bother you. Choose your travel dates as per your convenience and not the other way round. All you need to find out is what’s the best season to plan your trip to the destination of your choice. Then, it’s just a matter of booking the tickets and getting your bags ready! Isn’t this what the best retirement plans are made of?

Enjoy the Cherry Blossom season in Japan, Tomatina of Spain, or the Oktoberfest in Germany; for as long as you want! You would want to enjoy the complete experience while visiting such places. What’s the rush? Now there’s no reason to compromise on your travel duration.

3. Finance Not an Issue

With age comes wisdom. Years of striving in the business is sure to have made you an expert in managing finances. It’s highly probable that you have got healthy savings and also generated a secondary source of income for your post-retirement plans. You know the wise way to spend and save money, especially for your happy retirement.

Now the apparent price tag on your happiness has faded away. Traveling is an opportunity to explore new adventures and experiences. To spend your money to gain experiences and insights that you’ve always dream about.

4. Comfort on Priority

After decades of career productivity, most of us do want to ease off the gas pedal in retirement. Convenience is the priority. It wouldn’t be fair to plan a trip just for the sake of it. Now that you have the time and finances settled, you can keep the comfort aspect above everything else. Travel first class. Stay in a sea-facing resort. Eat what makes you happy.

Remember that it’s not just about visiting a place anymore, it’s about enjoying the whole experience. Happiness and satisfaction should be key inclusions in your retirement planning.

5. Make Dreams Come True

Imagine the scenery on your desktop wallpaper come alive! A view you’ve wanted to see all your working life but never got to actually experience. Well, now is the time! It could be the snow-covered mountains of the Himalayas or all the wondrous places to visit in Singapore. The New York skyline or the lush green meadows of Kashmir. All the things good dreams are made of are now yours to experience.

Think of it as ticking off items from your wishlist. Imagine how at-peace will you be at your favorite hill station. Or relax by the beach sipping a cold beverage.

Enjoy these simple pleasures of life and watch your best retirement plans come to life.

6. (Re)Connecting with Your Spiritual Side

Most of us are spiritual, if not religious, in our beliefs. We feel connected to an entity much bigger than ourselves. There’s often an undying urge in ourselves, seeking the true purpose of human life. To discover and connect with our spiritual side.

You’ve worked hard for years to give your family and yourself a comfortable life. Now, with your responsibilities and obligations behind you, it’s time to travel and discover the answers. Experience the calm that surrounds the different places around the world.

Be it taking a dip in the pool around the Golden Temple in Amritsar. Or meditating all be yourself somewhere in a Himalayan resort. Or just walking in the streets around St. Peter’s Basilica. Or maybe admiring the wild ones in the jungles on a South Africa tour.

Whatever makes you feel spiritually empowered and happy should be a part of your retirement planning.

7. Reap Fruits of Hard Work

All these years have been about hard work, sacrifices, and getting things settled in place. Your happy retirement should be about rewarding yourself for doing a great job. Book an Eastern Europe tour for yourself and your better half and experience the rich culture there. Or a tour of the Goa to get away from the city’s hustle and bustle and have a laid back vacation.

With so many destinations and experience to reward with, post-retirement can be anything but boring.

8. Travel to Learn

No two places are alike. There’s always something new for everyone everywhere. And subsequently, something new to learn as well. The more you look around, the more you learn!

Be it words from a new language or a recipe from the local cuisine. Learn the ancient stories of their heroes and meet new people. Learn tunes of iconic folklore and absorb their fashion sense! There’s so much to bring back from all the places you visit. Such experiences will not
only keep you occupied but also satiate your curiosity. Sounds like happy retirement, doesn’t it?


They say that “Not all who wander are lost”. And after having traversed the corridors of life for years, it’s now time for the second inning you deserve. The best retirement plan to bring back the energy from your yesteryears. A trip to explore the places your busy work life and commitments kept you away from.

And if you want help regarding how and where to travel to while you’re busy retirement planning, we’re here. At Mango Holidays, we make unforgettable travel experiences happen. Be it beautiful destinations within India or exotic international destinations in Europe, Japan, and South Africa – we have an interesting tour waiting to be a part of your best retirement plan.

Ready to celebrate your happy retirement traveling?

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